What’s It All About

Gillet of Azincourt is about the bond that develops between two men, a young French nobleman and an older commoner, the life lessons they teach each other and the coming together of vastly different classes in a struggle against a common foe. The story is set against the Battle of Azincourt, a famous encounter during… Continue reading What’s It All About

No Aliens, yet

Many thanks to all the folks that have visited my website, read my blog posts and some are even readers of my books. I looked at a stats report today and I see there have been visitors from Canada, USA, Ireland, Mexico, United Kingdom, India, Ireland, Iceland, New Zealand, Trinidad & Tobago, Poland, Czech Republic,… Continue reading No Aliens, yet


I already told you about November 22nd, 1963, so I won’t repeat, other than to say that it was a bad day for planet earth and this is where we lived when it happened. Moxam This is the building where we moved to in the late fall of 1963. The Moxam Apartments. We lived in… Continue reading Moxam

Connaught School

We moved to this house on 14th avenue SW in Calgary. It was a five block walk to Connaught School, where I began grade five. They wanted to put the Evil Sister and me ahead a grade, because of the Major Work programs in Winnipeg, but our mother said “No”. She had skipped grades when… Continue reading Connaught School

On the Fork of Eternity

It is said that the odds of you or I existing are 400 trillion to 1. But I think they are even much more remote than that. With all of the exact events that had to have occurred since the beginning of our Universe, the chances that you or I should exist at all are… Continue reading On the Fork of Eternity

Jimmy Brown

Jimmy Brown was my best friend when we lived on College Avenue. Right up until we moved. He lived at the end of the block. We played together lots, outside mostly, though I remember one time being invited into his house. His mom fed us lunch and we played. I wasn’t a big kid back… Continue reading Jimmy Brown