Ediola Manzkenstein

That’s him. I’m sitting on his lap. Actually, I rushed in and jumped on his lap just before the picture was taken because I thought it would be fun. Or maybe funny. It wouldn’t have been, of course, but what do kids know. You can see that he and his then wife, Elsie, appear to… Continue reading Ediola Manzkenstein

Another Sister Birthday, Are You Kidding

It is unbelievable how many birthday parties the Evil Sister got, while I had none, or very few that I remember. And though I scoured the collection of old family photos for even one picture of the celebration of my coming into the world; there were none. Another Sister Party Is it because I had… Continue reading Another Sister Birthday, Are You Kidding

The Crow

He was just a bird, perched on the long cold metal of the electricity wire, strung along the overhead poles that ran along the road, watching over us, presiding over the burial, like it was his own to supervise. You could hear the electricity buzz through the metal wire and disappear into the long white… Continue reading The Crow

The White Church

It seemed like a long drive from Winnipeg to Haywood. So long I thought my brain would go numb. Winter. Nothing to see along the roadside as we drove out there. Just long deep white fields that disappeared into the distance against the white sky. It seemed like the air was frozen hard. Too frozen… Continue reading The White Church

Aunt Mary

He wore a suit and tie to sell linoleum at Eatons and he napped in his good work pants. You had to play quiet when he was napping. But none of them were quiet then. The turkey people. I recognized many of them. They were from the French side. They spoke French to each other.… Continue reading Aunt Mary

It Made No Sense

The water is freezing now and I am alone in the cold air of the bathroom, the wind of late November leaking in through the storm window. There he is, a frost angel painted on the glass, telling me he is there, my dead Uncle. Their apartment was small. The front room had their bed,… Continue reading It Made No Sense

Death of an Uncle

I was in the tub. The water was starting to cool. It was cloudy from soap used to scrub my little brother. I was the second bather again. No time to run fresh water. Some of his toys still floated around me, naked. My father stood at the sink shaving away the soapy lather on… Continue reading Death of an Uncle