Elmwood Winter Club

I’m not sure why it was called a ‘Winter Club’. It was really just the local community center, playground, park and hang out place, on Brazier Street. And when I first came across it, it wasn’t winter at all. One day I cut through Leonard Belisle’s yard on the way to the park and I… Continue reading Elmwood Winter Club

The Big Date

The Smith family lived half a block up the street on the other side of McIntosh. They had kids. Girls mostly, as I recall. One of them was Dianne. Here she is on the right. I think the other girl’s name was Wanda. I don’t think she was a sister. A cousin maybe or just… Continue reading The Big Date

Bobby Thompson

He was younger than me, by a year or two and his brother Neil was even younger than that. I was eleven then. But his mom and dad were old, really old. They looked like they should be Bobby and Neil’s grandma and grandpa, not the mom and dad. Their house smelled old. Not old… Continue reading Bobby Thompson

Breaking News GJ357D

I was studying exoplanet GJ357D, as recently reported by NASA, see https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2019/confirmation-of-toasty-tess-planet-leads-to-surprising-find-of-promising-world, when out of nowhere I spotted an incredible energy source. Unlike any EM, small or large nuclear or gravity force. It glowed and vibrated and seemed to be communicating, not in language but in an absorption process that filled my brain with awareness… Continue reading Breaking News GJ357D

10 Ways To Cure Brain Fog

Did you ever have those days when your brain just won’t kick into gear. You can’t perform the simplest tasks or remember how to spell words like ‘the’ or ‘has’. Those days when losing your car keys or misplacing your eyeglasses are trivial compared to the thick soup that your brain fog has you mired… Continue reading 10 Ways To Cure Brain Fog

Down From The Tree

That place of wonder Deep in the mind that has a soul That place that is no place That all fear Though some go to in pain Hoping for relief But there is none there There is no there We are too brief Like death uncovered Shaped like a stick of misery Broken inside with… Continue reading Down From The Tree