My Life On Earth

Life on Earth 2

If I were a man, like Jesus, Napoleon or Hitler, then I would be already free. Existing only in art and photograph, still sheltered in subconscious life. Free with branes and the dust of the universe. It is long, it is brief. Time quickly filled and passing. Events, some tragic, some empty, some captured by… Continue reading Life on Earth 2


In the beginning there was existence and existence was filled with nothing and so existence created dimensions, which were many forms of itself; and so it was at the first stage. Dimensions were filled with nothing and so existence created time; and so it was at the second stage. Time was filled with nothing; it… Continue reading Existence

Old Pictures

I like to look at the old pictures, the black and whites, from long ago. They are the time machine of memories, some real, some not mine. They are all gone now, even the man behind the camera. “I will see you soon,” he said, and then he was gone as well. We are always… Continue reading Old Pictures

I Could Have Been a Spider

Warning. Large hairy spiders with a thousand eyes live in the shower, behind the curtain; it’s not their fault. Steaming water is their nemesis, it makes them panic for their life. An already short life, spent. They are our friends, though they don’t see it that way. I am not a joiner. I may have… Continue reading I Could Have Been a Spider

The Last King

I am old, withered, shrunken; I mumble when I talk. You have to lift me in and out of bed, dress me, feed me. I am like an infant, I even wear a diaper. I am so old that I am past humiliation. I have seen things and done things. Things that seem like they… Continue reading The Last King