My Life On Earth

Sugar Pops Stagecoach

I guess Wesley and I were best friends, at the time. I don’t know what other friends Wesley had, but when we played together, it was just him and me. Other than that I played with my cousins, mostly. Wesley and I usually played at his house, if we weren’t outside. Played in his basement… Continue reading Sugar Pops Stagecoach

The Bird

I was 5 or maybe 6. The day was overcast and gloomy, intermittent drizzle sprinkled the morning. I was on the boulevard across from Charles Street near Boyd, with a couple cousins and a pair of friends from up the street. There it was, flat, pressed against the short grass of the boulevard, a lump… Continue reading The Bird

The Cat Lady

We moved back to Winnipeg in the summer of 1964. I don’t really know why; I was only ten and a half. Probably because of my father’s ongoing pursuit of the greener grass. In any case, we moved into a house on Lansdowne Avenue, #59, and shared the place with an aunt and daughters. We… Continue reading The Cat Lady

Seize The Day

The old Roman proverb “carpe diem”, translated “seize the day”, means when a promising opportunity or idea presents itself to us we should act on it. Hesitation or procrastination can close the door on things that could make our life better or more interesting or more fulfilling. Live your life. More often than not, we… Continue reading Seize The Day


Stories appear coherent if its sequence of actions are well-constructed and if the relationships between the characters are logical. That, in fact, is the first criterion of a good (perhaps believable) story. We accept a story as plausible if it resonates with our view of the world. In fact most humans do not even question… Continue reading Stories

Manny and the Aztecs

The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are, and the second greatest is being happy with what you find. Dance with the Aztecs, if that is who you are. Share this with your friends on FB and Twitter Like millions of other Followers, you too can join my mailing list on the Contact… Continue reading Manny and the Aztecs

The Value of Failing

Failure is one of life’s best teachers, don’t ignore it In my life, perhaps one of the best teachers, for me, has been ‘failure’. Don’t ignore it, don’t allow it to sink you into a depression or believe that you are useless or that you will never succeed or achieve what you want. Failing teaches… Continue reading The Value of Failing