My Life On Earth


We’ve already talked a little bit about Charlie Wong, Helen’s father, and there will be more about him later. But now, before we move on, here is just a few words about Clarinda, Helen’s mother. Yes, she was already mentioned as a Ducharme and her whole story will be found in Book 17, but I… Continue reading Clarinda

Young Helen

It is not my plan to go deeply into Helen’s life here. She is the entire subject of ‘Chinoise – Ancestors Book 18’. Despite the loss of her mother before Helen’s 2nd birthday, she was not raised absent of caring. And even though she was raised, for the most part by the French relatives, the… Continue reading Young Helen

The Ducharmes

We’ve already talked about them a bit, the Ducharmes, my French side. Uncle Dan, Aunt Mary, Clarinda and the woman we called Gramma Ducharme, even though she was not really our Gramma. She was Clarinda’s younger sister, so that would make her our Grand Aunt. Several of them had the first name ‘Marie’, combined with… Continue reading The Ducharmes


He never had a career, he had jobs, and some of the time he didn’t. He was, of course, in the army, at first. It could have turned into a career but didn’t. Even the training he received as a signal corpsman could have turned into something. Especially in today’s world. Didn’t happen. This is… Continue reading Harold

College Avenue

Mondor. That sort of sounds like Mordor, doesn’t it? Mrs. Mondor wasn’t quite as grim as Sauron or as foreboding as the black volcanic plain east of Gondor. But there were times when it seemed that way. Mrs. Mondor was my grade 4 teacher. We moved again. From St Johns to College Avenue. I got… Continue reading College Avenue

New Kid in School

Did you ever wonder what its like to always be the new kid in school? I was the new kid a bunch of times. Because we were always moving. The thing is, if you started a new school at the start of the school year, it wasn’t too bad because there were probably other new… Continue reading New Kid in School

St Johns

The apartment on Mountain was a cool place. We got to live in three different suites in that building. I made a new best friend (Glen Haines), who conveniently lived right downstairs. We learned to play Stock Ticker and had to watch out that the neighborhood boys didn’t take advantage of his sister Colleen, who… Continue reading St Johns